How do I choose a translation provider?


If you are buying a translation for the first time or just have questions, we recommend that you read the Institute of Translation and Interpreting's guide for buyers, Translation: Getting it Right

You can download the guide in English and in French below by clicking on the covers.

What is meant by source and target languages?

The source language is the language that you translate from and the target language is the language you translate into.

How much does a translation cost?

  • Rates depend on the type of project, its field of expertise, its requirements and are usually based on the number of source words (for editable texts) or target words (for non-editable texts). 
    Literary translations (e.g. novels, short stories, non-fiction books) can be charged per page (1,500 characters, 25 lines) or per word.


  • A certificate of accuracy is included in legal translation rates.

  • A minimum charge applies for texts under 300 words.

  • A surcharge is applied for special requirements such as weekend work, rush deliveries and formatting.

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What is the difference between an interpreter and a translator?

Interpreters and translators perform similar tasks, but in different settings.

While an interpreter converts any spoken material from one language (the source language) into a different language (the target language), a translator converts written materialfrom the source language into another language.

Different skills are required.

I do not offer interpreting services.

Are you a translation agency?

No. I am a sole trader who collaborates with trusted partners who have extended experience in their respective fields.